May 11, 2016

Charles Mooney

Charles Michael Mooney is a Boxing Coach at Bigtime Boxing and Fitness  He won the silver medal in the bantamweight (– 54 kg) division at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada.  Mooney started his new career at Eastern Senior High school as a US Army JROTC instructor from 1992-2006 and he also ran the Olympic torch in Washington DC in 1996. In 1977-1978 he was an All Army assistant coach. In 1977-1984 he was an athlete rep for the ABF, Olympic committee and a trainer for the 1984 Olympic boxing team. In 1992-2008, Mooney, founded and the Charles M. Mooney Academy of Boxing.  Mooney also had the opportunity to go to China to train the Chinese Olympics’ Boxing Team in Beijing, China. Mooney trained the World Series Boxing Team in Memphis, Tennessee known as the Memphis Force.  He now trains Matvey Korobov and Chinese National Boxing Team.